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Emily Cox:

For me, Barrack Obama is a President I can identify with and rally behind, even if I do not concur with every policy decision he makes or every stance he takes on certain social or economic issues. He has a strong desire to see change in our nation, to make sure that the average citizen has greater opportunities than their parents: better healthcare, jobs, and education. As a student from a middle-class family, his policies on these issues means that I can spend less time worrying about the state of my pocketbook and more time engaging in the rich learning experience of higher education. President Obama may not always present the strongest leadership, but he is someone I can believe in and truly respect. He chases the favor and approval of all Americans – no matter their economic state, religious preference, sexual orientation, or job title. Furthermore, he values America’s relationship with other nations and is a dependable diplomat and well-favored face of the United States. For these reasons, I trust President Obama, even though I may not always agree with him. And for me, trust is everything.

Collier Roberts:

To me, Mitt Romney is a man who has come to the rescue to bring back the principles of hope and liberty that have been lost in translation over the years. He knows what it is going to take for Americans to come out of being afraid to pursue their American dreams because of financial, emotional or even physical instability. Being the president and leader of the free world is no easy task and takes a lot of perseverance and courage, among MANY other things. Being a student in this time in our lives, a lot of things are uncertain. But I have the upmost confidence that Governor Romney has what it takes to make myself and millions of students around the country encouraged about the future. His policies, to me, hit home coming from a blessed family and targets what I am looking forward to in my future career path. Those policies are going to be put in place so that job creation will be high and unemployment low, which for college students about to graduate, is a no-brainer. His determination is second to none, and that is something that gains my trust and support. Our country is one that is looked up to by many around the world, and because of that, our decisions must be made with everyone in mind. Governor Romney embodies a figure worthy of an ever so demanding presence that will combine ideas of both parties to put this country back on track. No one is perfect, and that includes Romney and his team. At the end of the day though, we have to decide the correct path this country needs to be headed towards, and for me, that path has Governor Mitt Romney taking the reigns and finding what has been lost the last four years.

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