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My name is Collier Roberts and I am 20-year old Journalism major with a minor in Video Production at Belmont University. I am a proud native of “the land where maidens are fair, where friends are true and cold hearts rare; the near land, the dear land whatever fate; the blest land, the best land, the Old North State!” I am Tarheel born and bred reigning from the capital city of Raleigh, North Carolina. If I am not at school, on the track or kicking it with my friends, I am somewhere dressed to impress, trying to find a wedding to crash any function with good funky dance music to groove to. My passions are many, but the ones that are close to home are my love for building relationships, serving my community and being me wherever I find myself. I am fascinated with the history of this great nation and want to share that with any who are open to listen. The three flags that hang over my bed are the United States flag, the North Carolina flag and the UNC Tarheel flag. Those encapsulate my love for my country, my home state and my favorite team. If there is one thing I want people to learn from me and this blog is that being informed and educated on politics in this country is one of the most vital aspects of our duties as American citizens. I hope that after the election many will have gained the knowledge of how their future is shaped by the decisions they make when it counts. Enjoy!

My name is Emily Cox and I am a 20-year-old International Politics major at Belmont University. I come from a small town in East Tennessee, and whenever I speak to friends and family back home in Lake City, you can hear my
Southern accent dripping from every word I say. Growing up around many state parks and the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains, I developed a love for hiking and spending time in nature. I have been an avid reader since childhood, am addicted to Gossip Girl, and speak a moderate amount of French. Like most students at my university who are concerned with truly embodying Belmont’s values, I have certain traits that perfectly fit the “hipster” stereotype we are so often associated with. I am a vegetarian and can sometimes be caught walking around barefoot on the quad. More importantly, as any true “hipster” would proclaim, I am anything but disengaged. Being clued in about the world around me and freely exercising my voice is the only way I can effect change in my community. Even though I call a Conservative state home, I have my own unique political identity. I also truly believe in the value of a multi-cultural education and worldview, and I love to travel pretty much anywhere. I just came back from spending a summer in Quebec, and next spring I will be abroad again – this time in Tanzania. Being fascinated with the larger global community, it is my dream to one day work and live abroad extensively, possibly as an American ambassador.

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